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    SIZE: Please make sure to order the correct size as no refund will be made if you order an incorrect size or measure your feet the wrong way. All information you need to get it right is here: (LINK TO „HOW TO MEASURE YOUR FEET“ SECTION ON THE NEW WEBSITE) This is very important as NO REFUND WILL BE MADE IF YOU ORDER THE WRONG SIZE.

    LEATHER COLOUR: All our shoes are handmade and one of a kind creations. Consequently there will never be the same shoe twice. Please note that colours can vary depending on the set up of your screen. Colours can also vary depending on the leather and dye used. RSD is not responsible in any of these cases.

    WRONG SHOE: If you have received a pair of tap shoes that does NOT match your order please contact solemates@rubensanchezdancewear.com. When contacting us please send a picture of your shoes, a copy of the order form (your received that via email), and a proof of payment (screenshot of the bank transfer, visa card payment proof or Paypal screenshot). If you paid by cash just let us know with which of our representatives you were in contact. We will then make all possible arrangements for your shoes to be done to perfection.

    BANK TRANSFER: We understand that sometimes the person paying for the shoes and the person ordering the shoes may not the same. In other words, if someone else is paying for your order, please clearly indicate that so that we can start production and complete your order on time. You can contact our Sales Manager at sales@rubensanchezdnacewear.com. RSD cannot be held responsible for payments that have been received under an unknown name and have therefore encountered a delay. 

    DISCOUNTS: Discounts are valid for a period of 10 days after the payment details have been sent to the customer. Consequently, if you have received a discount you have 10 days after the payment details have been received to pay and con?rm your order. After these 10 days, your discount will expire and the price will be the standard price. The discounts we give are not accumulative.

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